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dana chiles has numerous complaints with town of pembroke, ma, board of selectman, board of health, city of Brockton, his companies are Synergy-Capital group, Claridge corp.chiles holdings ltd.

daisher-chiles companies ltd, black baron investments, department of labor sued dana chiles. many law suits in nantucket, quincy, brockton, plymouth, nantucket, barnstable.

36 buildings in pembroke complained to town selectman enough for the town to start sending out citations and then filing criminal charges.town of brockton closed 60 units on colonel bell drive because of "filthe and Mold"

google or yahoo search dana chiles or his companies you will be surprised at what you see

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Lol he got comma I promise you all I got he I swear to god hahahahahahaha Bana chiles git him for $2500 u price of *** he had me do something and it was illegal but I figured him out how funny if u all knew how I did it.I swear when he found out that I *** him he didn't know what to say ..

he said in the whole time he has been doing this.This has never happened and said frankly he is so suprised aND it's the last text I got from him I have the messages to prove it anyone out there please call me 4013476126


I just came across this site while researching Chiles.We were interested in the house at 239 Country Club Way in Kingston.

Curious as to whether he finally paid up for the all the work he has had done on that house as well as other houses in the South Shore?Seems like it was a good decision to look elsewhere for a home.

to Lookingelsewhere Massachusetts, United States #934672

He still haven't paid me a dime from that exact house going after my rights

to Ads Massachusetts, United States #938052

Good luck in getting paid.I have done some more research on Chiles and the more I look the more I can't believe he has been able to operate in this manner for so long.

Wonder how much longer he can keep it up.Seems to have numerous properties up for auction.

to Lookingelsewhere Duxbury, Massachusetts, United States #943083

Good Move

That house is loaded with mold.

The plumbing and heating pipes burst due to Dana's lack of payment to the oil company.

He hired a *** handyman to make repairs through out the entire house.

I know of 13 contractors that did work on that project and did not get paid a dime.

Elizabeth Fair is Dana's criminal partner and is every bit as guilty as he is.She lives at 7 Crombie Street unit 10 Salem Mass.

She also lives at 44 Station Street Salem mass.Elizabeth can also be reached by calling the town of Salem Board of Health where she is an inspector.

to Lookingelsewhere #1056837

I haven't been paid for that house yet

to Lookingelsewhere Bristol, Connecticut, United States #1192951

Nope he still owes me for all the above I did at that property


No class!or respect for the small business or working man.

This man is a real crook and should be put in jail.I cannot believe this guy is still in the business of screwing people over.

He lives in Berkley ma.and hides behind huge gates and security cameras everywhere .I think that's a man living in fear.Dana I truly hope you go to prison for what you have done.

Brockton, Massachusetts, United States #800178

Dana was molested as a child and he confides in elizabeth fair dana is actually a sex offender for *** with a 8 year old retarded boy. Google it or call him if you need to be raped.

to ana sex offender liz ***s his Lowell, Massachusetts, United States #928394

Dana is the Definition of a sociopath.It's all a big game, he gets pleasure taking advantage people's trust that consider him family/friends and other fair honest people he doesn't know.

EVIL spirited dude that comes off as the nicest guy ever. Calling him a *** does no justice..

The man has burned some people very close to me that considered him they're own. I've seen bad people take advantage of weaker strangers but to master manipulate the trust of those closest to you?

That's A maggot. That's Dana Chiles. "DMC" what a *** joke. He smells like the *** he is..


Oh and all the *** he talks about being so tuff. He ain't all that and he knows it. He talks a good game but got no ***. He's more like Carlton..

Looks like him too lol

That's all I care to write.Beware

PEACE Karma is real, he's got it coming to him

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